Wisdom Teeth Removal

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What is Wisdom Tooth Removal?

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Wisdom teeth typically begin to come in when a person is around 18 years old. Unfortunately, the vast majority of patients do not have enough room for their wisdom teeth to come in fully. This causes the teeth to become impacted, which simply means they cannot come up through the gums on their own. This is when wisdom tooth removal is needed to prevent damage to your dental and oral health.

Why is Wisdom Tooth Removal needed?

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If you fail to remove impacted wisdom teeth early on, they become impacted and can damage surrounding teeth. They can become infected, inflamed and cause severe pain. It is better to remove the teeth before they become a major problem to your oral health. If you’re older and beginning to experience issues with the wisdom teeth, it’s best to come in and have them removed before the problems get worse.

What are signs to look for when Wisdom Tooth Removal is necessary?

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Wisdom tooth pain is individual to each patient. Some patients experience severe pain and discomfort while others find that it’s more of an annoying and persistent tenderness. Wisdom tooth pain often comes and goes, getting worse and lasting longer with time. Some signs to look for that would indicate your wisdom teeth need to be removed include:

• Pain and soreness at the back of your mouth
• Pain in surrounding teeth
• Inflammation and swelling
• Infection
• Damage to surrounding teeth
• Headaches
• Persistent bad breath

What can you expect with Wisdom Tooth Removal?

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We first administer either a local or general anesthetic to numb the area or put you to sleep. We will discuss sedation options during your consultation appointment. The procedure involves making tiny incisions through the gums and removing the underlying wisdom teeth. If the wisdom tooth is already partly through the gums, incisions may not be necessary. Sutures are often placed to close the gums. You will be given aftercare instructions and should have a friend or relative bring you home from the appointment.

If you think you might need to have your wisdom teeth removed, call our office and we can schedule you to come in for an appointment.

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