Dental Bonding

What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps to cover minor flaws at the very front of your smile. These flaws might include gaps, spaces, chips, cracks and discoloration. Bonding can even help with sensitivity, as it covers areas that are otherwise exposed. We use composite resin material to perfectly match the new bonding with the existing tooth.

Why is Dental Bonding needed?

Bonding can transform your smile and even last for up to 10 years. It often requires little to no local anesthetic to place, so it’s noninvasive when compared to other cosmetic options. Some of the reasons you’d consider bonding include:

• Spaces
• Gaps
• Chipped teeth
• Cracks
• Minor breaks
• Uneven teeth
• Discoloration and stains

Who is a candidate for Dental Bonding?

Because the dental bonding procedure often requires no anesthetic, it’s ideal for most patients with otherwise healthy teeth. We will examine your teeth to determine if they’re healthy and if any cavities are found. If you do have cavities or other problems with the front teeth, we’ll recommend other treatments before bonding can be done. Bonding is best suited for older teens and adults looking for a quick, simple cosmetic alteration.

What happens during the Dental Bonding process?

With a special bonding gel, we apply this over the tooth and carefully wash it away. We then match the composite material to the tooth and place it over the area. The material is smoothed out and detailed so that it looks realistic. We will then cure the material several times using a bright light. The bonding procedure takes very little time in the office, and you typically won’t need any type of anesthetic in order for it to be placed. Bonding can easily last for up to 10 years with the proper care and oral hygiene practices. You’ll love the way your smile looks with the help of quality bonding applied to the front teeth.

If you think you might need or want bonding, call our office today and we will be able to further assist you.

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