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When you are close to someone you can often be overly comfortable in sharing.  This is especially true with kissing. In one kiss, more than 500 germs can be shared between two people. Sharing a kiss can have an impact on your oral health. Here are some of the dangers of kissing.  

Colds & Flus 
When you feel like you might be coming down with a cold or flu, it is best to avoid kissing. You certainly don’t want to transmit any diseases. Colds and flus are easily passed on through saliva and nasal fluids.  

Cold Sores 
If you see a cold sore near your mouth and lips, you should avoid kissing someone. Cold sores will look like small, clear blisters usually close to your lips. Cold sores are a viral infection, but are extremely contagious. Cold sores that are leaking fluids are especially contagious, however even a sore without any fluid can spread to others in contact. Avoid contact if you see cold sores! 

Mono – The Kissing Disease 
Mononucleosis, or mono, is spread very rapidly through kissing. The disease can also be spread by sharing behaviors such as sharing a cup, food, or straw. We recommend avoiding sharing your food and drink with others. Someone carrying mono might appear healthy, so always play it safe by avoiding sharing your food and your germs. 

Tips for Fresh Breath 
It makes sense to want to have a clean, fresh breath when kissing. It is best to avoid foods that contain strong spices and flavors, such as garlic or onion. Long after they have been consumed, it is still possible to smell these foods on someone’s breath. Make sure you follow a regular daily oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing your teeth twice daily, as well as brushing your tongue, roof of the mouth, and inside of your cheeks. We suggest using a mouthwash or sugar-free gum after eating to help diffuse strong odors. Sometimes bad breath can be caused by other factors, so if you feel these solutions are not working, make an appointment with us. 

Hundreds of germs can be shared when kissing. Watch out for cold sores as well as cold or flu symptoms. Don’t forget to keep up with your daily brushing and flossing routine. 

For more tips on keeping your mouth healthy, or to schedule your next visit, contact our office.

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Chewing and smoking tobacco are known to cause severe health problems, particularly in the lungs. But the risks to your mouth and teeth can be just as extensive and alarming. If you use tobacco, stop. Here’s what tobacco can do to your oral health. 

Chewing Tobacco 
According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), tobacco chewers increase their risk of developing gum and cheek cancers by 50 times. Tobacco dissolves the gums which leads to sensitivity from exposed roots. This also makes for an ideal location for bacteria to grow, leading to decay. If you are chewing tobacco, stop, and ask our experienced oral health team about what you can do to keep your mouth healthy. 

According to a report by the AGD, smoking one pack a day can lead to the loss of two teeth each decade of your life. Smoking increases your odds of losing teeth. Cigarettes and cigars are both damaging to your oral health. Smoking can cause staining as well, leading to an unattractive smile.  

Oral Cancer 
Oral cancer can develop in several places in your mouth including on your tongue, lips, mouth floor, and gums. Those over 50, are at an increased risk of developing oral cancer, as are men. However, Oral cancer has been on the rise, especially for people under 30 according to the AGD.  Schedule an appointment with us to receive a thorough oral health examination, and ask us about an oral cancer screening, particularly if you are a tobacco user. Oral cancer screenings are often very quick as our dentist checks your mouth, teeth, and cheeks for signs of irregularities. If caught early, oral cancer can be treated. 

If you are a tobacco user, we strongly advise you to quit. You can work with our professional dental team as well as your doctor to overcome tobacco use. Everyone should be receiving regular oral health examinations, but if you are a tobacco user, you need to be especially vigilant in doing so. Schedule a visit to our office so that we can work with you to identify any potential issues.  

For more tips on keeping your mouth healthy or to schedule your next visit to our office, please contact us.

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Over 45% of U.S. adults have moderate to severe periodontal disease. Periodontal disease ranges from a mild inflammation of the gum tissues to periodontitis, a major oral disease that can result in soft tissue and bone damage and even tooth loss.  Our experienced 37027 dentist is providing periodontal treatments to both new and existing patients who are suffering from any form of periodontal (gum) disease.

One of the major causes of gum disease is practicing poor oral hygiene habits. Daily brushing and flossing and regular professional exams and dental cleanings are essential to maintaining optimal oral health. When these practices are not followed, plaque can form on the teeth and along the gum line. If this plaque is not properly removed, it may harden over time and become tartar. Once that occurs, only a dental professional can remove tartar from teeth.

If gum disease is not treated in a timely manner, tartar may continue to build. When this occurs, the gum disease may advance. Gums redden, swell, and become prone to bleeding from normal activities, such as brushing or eating. At this point, professional periodontal treatment is needed to prevent the disease from advancing further.

When periodontal disease is not treated in a timely manner, it may become periodontitis. Periodontitis is the most advanced form of periodontal disease. With periodontitis, gums begin to pull away from the teeth, creating small “pockets” along the gum line. These spaces are highly difficult to clean without professional intervention and can lead to rapid worsening in overall oral health. Without prompt and thorough treatment, bone, gums, and soft tissues may be destroyed by periodontitis. One of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults is periodontal disease.

Some of the most common factors that contribute to periodontal disease developing include poor oral hygiene habits, diabetes, smoking, and female hormonal changes. Some medications can cause gum tissue to develop abnormal tissues, which can increase difficulty in proper cleaning of the teeth. People who are receiving treatment for AIDS are also at increased risk of developing periodontal disease.

Our doctor has the training and experience to diagnose and treat every stage of periodontal disease. If you have symptoms of periodontal disease, contact our office to schedule a consultation. Some symptoms include: chronic halitosis (bad breath), sensitive teeth, red or swollen gums, sensitive or bleeding gums, and difficulty or pain with chewing. Our dentist provides excellent periodontal care for our patients, and welcomes new patient consultations. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our dental office in Brentwood, TN.

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Dental Veneers and Dental Implants both can give patients a beautiful white smile. Deciding what restorative or cosmetic option works best for you depends on the condition of your teeth. Our staff at Bradley E Jolly, DDS in Brentwood, TN provides cosmetic and restorative consultations to all our patients to take a detailed look at your mouth and determine a customized treatment plan that works for you. We listen to your goals and look at all options to give you the opportunity to choose the best one.

So, what is the difference between the two? Typically, Dental Veneers and Dental Implants are used for different reasons. This all depends on how much damage a patient has to their teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are the leading restorative solution for many patients and one of the most common procedures done today. Implants are permanent and reliable giving patients the feeling that they have natural teeth. Implants are used for patients that have lost a tooth or teeth, have suffered from periodontal disease, or an injury. Dental implants take multiple appointments across a few months to complete.

Implants last upwards of 25 years or a lifetime if taken care for properly. They provide many benefits to patients, and are comfortable in the mouth. Implants allow patients to speak, eat, and function just like they would with natural teeth.

As part of our evaluation process, Dr. Jolly & Dr. Morton will determine if the patient has enough bone present in the jaw to support the implants. If needed, bone grafting can be done to provide the additional support. During the implant procedure metal posts are placed in the jaw, and these act similar to artificial tooth roots. These posts provide the required support needed for the implants. Once the healing process is complete, an abutment or connector is secured on top of the implants. This allows the crown to be secured on top of the implant.

Crowns are custom made to match the color, size, and shape of your teeth. Temporary crowns are used while the patient waits for the permanent crown to be placed. Practicing good oral hygiene habits and visiting our office regularly will help to keep your implants looking and feeling great.

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Contact Our Cosmetic Dentist in Brentwood, TN

Choosing the best option is important, and our team at Bradley E Jolly, DDS in Brentwood, TN is here to help give you all of the options available to achieve that bright white smile. We welcome all patients, and strive to always provide quality service our patients can count on.

If you are interested in finding out more about Dental Veneers or are looking to get dental implants in Brentwood, TN, please contact Dr. Jolly & Dr. Morton to schedule your consultation.

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Implant technology has been around for many years. Implants can be used to replace missing dentition without the need for a removable appliance or compromising surrounding teeth. Your implants can easily last for three or more decades because of the fact that they fuse with the natural bone of the jaw. This ensures that they replace the tooth that’s missing to improve functionality and appearance.

The Science Behind Implants

The majority of implants used in dental offices are made of titanium. Titanium has been found to be safely used in the human body. The implant is inserted deep into the jaw bone and will actually fuse with the bone over the course of about three to six months. In some cases, your implant will take longer to fuse with the bone. Once bonded, the implant replaces both the roots of the existing tooth and the crown of the tooth itself. Implants can be used to hold onto crowns, bridge work and complete dentures.

Are They as Good as Real Teeth?

Implants have become so stable and durable that they can be just as good and solid as real teeth. The implant fuses with the bone of the jaw, preventing it from moving and shifting. The implant’s abutment can then be used to hold onto other dental restorations to restore your smile. Most implants can last for decades without showing any signs of wear or damage. They can withstand a lot of force and pressure, and have very little chance of breaking or cracking. It’s not uncommon for patients to have implants in their mouths for decades without needing any type of special treatment.

What to Expect

Osseointegration of your new implants can take about three to six months. During this time, the implant will bond naturally with the bone of the jaw, preventing shifting or breaking of the new appliance. Most people are good candidates for implants, and they can last for many decades. Once the body heals from the procedure, the implant causes no pain or discomfort. The restorations used on top of the implant will look just as good as any other natural teeth in your mouth. You will find that dental implants can help with improving your smile and the ability to eat and chew your favorite foods.

If you’re ready to come into the office for new implants, call us today and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Looking to get Dental Implants in Brentwood, TN?

Jolly & Morton Advanced Dentistry are experienced in providing dental implants in Brentwood, TN. If you would like to schedule a consultation to determine if you would be a great candidate for dental implants, please contact our staff today! We look forward to assisting you and your family.

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Jolly & Morton Dental Implants

Implants are a great way to replace missing dentition in the mouth. Whether you’re only missing one of your natural teeth or several of them, you can benefit from implants as they are long-lasting and highly durable. Your dental implants can easily last for several decades without showing any signs of damage or wear. This is why they are often recommended in place of other procedures and restoration options.

What are Implants?

Implants are typically made out of titanium, making them a solid and durable restorative option. They can replace both the tooth itself as well as the roots, since the post of the implant is embedded deep into the bone of the jaw. Over the course of about six months to a year, the implant will osseointegrate with the bone. This simply refers to the process of the implant bonding with the bone and becoming part of the jaw. For some people, osseointegration takes as little as three months while others may need to wait for up to a year before the implant is fully healed.

How Long Will the Pain Last?

When your implant is placed, your body needs to heal in a few different ways. First, you need to heal from the surgery itself. The gums have to heal from the incision and you may feel soreness and tenderness around the jaw area from where the implant was placed. This particular pain should only last for about a week or two before your jaw feels normal again. Simple over-the-counter pain medication and salt water rinses can help to keep the pain and inflammation at bay.

However, it will take a few months for the implant itself to solidly fuse with the bone. During this time, the area may feel tender and sore, especially if you eat harder foods or try chewing on things that you should have otherwise avoided. This is why it is important to stick to a softer foods diet while the implant is healing. This helps to prevent pain and shifting of the implant. If you’re experiencing pain months after the implant was placed, it’s best to call the office to come in for an examination. We can determine if an infection is present and if the implant is healing properly.

Contact Jolly & Morton Advanced Dentistry Today

If you’re seeking for a dentist that supplies dental implants in Brentwood, TN, you’re in luck! Jolly & Morton Advanced Dentistry are experienced in providing a wide range of dental implants for patients. If you are interested in a consultation, please call our friendly staff today!

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